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Deck Categories
Chrysalid Matrix/CorporationRevised/Runner/Gypsy
Chrysalid Matrix/RunnerRevised/Runner/HQ Attack
Dangerous Allies/CorporationRevised/Runner/Ice Destruction
Highlander/RunnerRevised/Runner/Masochism rules
Open War/CorpRevised/Runner/Preying Mantis - Poisoned Water Supply
Open War/RunnerRevised/Runner/R&D Attack
Repeated Intrusion Patterns/CorporationRevised/Runner/Special schemes
Repeated Intrusion Patterns/RunnerRevised/Runner/Tag Me
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Black ICERevised/Runner/The Short Stack
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Employee Super ManagementRevised/Runner/Turn-One Attack
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Fast advancementTournament Decks
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Great WallTournament Decks/Corp Shuffle 2000
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Nasty Code GateTournament Decks/European Championships 2000
Revised 1in15/Corporation/SirenTournament Decks/French Open 2002
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Special schemesTournament Decks/French Tournament
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Tag 'n' BagTournament Decks/German Nationals 1999
Revised 1in15/Corporation/The World would swing if I were kingTournament Decks/German Nationals 2000
Revised 1in15/Runner/Bad PublicityTournament Decks/South German Regionals 1999
Revised 1in15/Runner/HQ AttackTournament Decks/World Championships 2001/Round 1
Revised 1in15/Runner/R&D AttackTournament Decks/World Championships 2001/Round 2
Revised 1in15/Runner/Special schemesTournament Decks/World Championships 2001/Round 3
Revised 1in15/Runner/Tag MeTournament Decks/World Domination 2011
Revised/Corporation/ASD-Corp WarUK/Corporation
Revised/Corporation/Black ICEUK/Runner
Revised/Corporation/Brenner AGUnrevised 1in15/Corporation/Psycho Tycho
Revised/Corporation/Corporate Negotiation CenterUnrevised 1in15/Corporation/Special schemes
Revised/Corporation/Dieter EsslinUnrevised 1in15/Corporation/Tag 'n' Bag
Revised/Corporation/Employee Super ManagementUnrevised 1in15/Runner
Revised/Corporation/Fast advancementUnrevised/Corporation/Fast advancement
Revised/Corporation/Golden LoopUnrevised/Corporation/Greyhound demolition derby
Revised/Corporation/Great WallUnrevised/Corporation/Infinite Loop
Revised/Corporation/Greyhound Demolition DerbyUnrevised/Corporation/Nasty Code Gate
Revised/Corporation/Infinite LoopUnrevised/Corporation/Newsgroup Taunting
Revised/Corporation/Nasty Code Gate deckUnrevised/Corporation/Psycho Tycho
Revised/Corporation/Net damageUnrevised/Corporation/Rio-Siren
Revised/Corporation/Newsgroup TauntingUnrevised/Corporation/Special schemes
Revised/Corporation/Rent-to-Own deckUnrevised/Corporation/Tag 'n' Bag
Revised/Corporation/Special schemesUnrevised/Runner/HQ Attack
Revised/Corporation/Tag 'n' BagUnrevised/Runner/HYHADIARS
Revised/Corporation/The World would swing if I were kingUnrevised/Runner/PB TTC
Revised/Corporation/Turn-One AgendaUnrevised/Runner/R&D Attack
Revised/Corporation/Viral Breeding GroundUnrevised/Runner/Special schemes
Revised/Runner/Bad PublicityUnrevised/Runner/TagMe
Revised/Runner/BlinkUnrevised/Runner/The Short Stack

Chrysalid Matrix/Corporation
Nasty Corp
Chrysal id Matrix/Runner
Security Code Cowboy Viral 66
Dangerous Allies/Corporation
One good trick
Fun, Incorporated Highlander Corp - Black Ops Highlander Corp - Gray ops
Highlander Runner - Flexible Highlander Runner - R&D attack
Open War/Corp
No Namatoki
Open War/Runner
Clown Open War
Repeated Intrusion Patterns/Corporation
RIP Corporation
Repeated Intrusion Patterns/Runner
RIP Runner
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Black ICE
Back in Black
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Employee Super Management
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Fast advancement
Immune reactions Political Overkill Risin' high Speed Corp
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Great Wall
Fort Knox Fortress No noise
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Nasty Code Gate
Riddle Contest The Code
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Siren
Brazilian Siren siren.exe The single fort solution
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Special schemes
A winning PO deck District of Columbia Ministry of Love 2.0 Security Purge
Catch-22 Gray Ops Subterfuge Ministry of Love The Incinerator
Catch-23 Mastermind More than 15 Underwater business
Revised 1in15/Corporation/Tag 'n' Bag
Cats & Dogs Manhunt Meaty Beaty Big 'n' Bouncy Punishment
Manhunt make II
Revised 1in15/Corporation/The World would swing if I were king
The world in 15 days
Revised 1in15/Runner/Bad Publicity
A dish best served cold Field Trip
Revised 1in15/Runner/HQ Attack
Da big Truck The Troublemaker
Revised 1in15/Runner/R&D Attack
Boostergang R&D Attack Purity Control  The Lurker
Revised 1in15/Runner/Special schemes
(A) Bit efficient - description Highlighting Blink The Cheap Termite Three Ring Circus
Deferral of action Lucy's Friends The Taxman Vous en rêviez !
Elena Laskova The Blackhander
Revised 1in15/Runner/Tag Me
Cookie Monster make II Cookie Monster, make III Cookie Monster
Revised/Corporation/ASD-Corp War
Artificial Schlaghund ASD Corporate War Corporate War Restricted War 2.01
ASD Corporate War 2 Basic ASD Corporate War I Hate Weefletech Standard ASD Corp War
Revised/Corporation/Black ICE
Blinded me with Science The Hounds from the grave This Is Your Brain Undead, Inc
House of Terror
Revised/Corporation/Brenner AG
Brenner AG Bring it on! Just sit and wait
Revised/Corporation/Corporate Negotiation Center
CNC Shuffle Political Overkill Schneider Negotiations The All-Rare Corp Deck
Revised/Corporation/Dieter Esslin
Dieter's Data Dump Dieter's Law Overtime Enjoyment
Revised/Corporation/Employee Super Management
Employee Super Management I'm Rupert Murdoch and you are not Post Ban Psycho Tycho Strategic Empowerment
Revised/Corporation/Fast advancement
Chicago Bay Data Guard Manpower Standard w Anti-TagMe tech
Corporate Lullaby Grayscale Operations Speedy Downsizing Super-Power Secret Weapon in R&D
Revised/Corporation/Golden Loop
In the loop Mk II In the Loop
Revised/Corporation/Great Wall
Bricklayers on Ice Con-crete Walls The Wall
Revised/Corporation/Greyhound Demolition Derby
Hybrid Black Ops Nasty Omni Foundation
Revised/Corporation/Infinite Loop
A Loop Tale Infinity Loop deck The Loop Mk III
Get a loop
Revised/Corporation/Nasty Code Gate deck
Son Of McCodeGate
Revised/Corporation/Net damage
District of Columbia Latest Corp Deck Shields Recommended TM The Toaster
Evil, Inc. Maritime Test Site The Electric Company Theoretical Political AI Chief
Revised/Corporation/Newsgroup Taunting
Newsgroup Taunting Prototype Newsgroup Taunting Nightly News Those Darn Newsies!
Revised/Corporation/Rent-to-Own deck
Basic RTO Rent an Ice Rent Your Own War Rent-to-Own
Come and Get it! Rent To Own Rent-to-Own War Wag the dog
Rent a submarine
B-Veil, Inc Really Big Dogs The Fire Engine Too cute to kick
Payback Corp, Inc.
Revised/Corporation/Special schemes
Antibodies Convincing Many runs end in Rio Rightsizing
Anti-Daemon Corp with Proteus ICE Microsoft The Cartel
Asgardian Security Systems Corporate Shuffle More than X The Energizer
AT&T Don't look before you leap MS(c) BG(tm) The southern hemisphere on 1eb a day
Basic Speed Corp Fermat's Last Big Theorems Multiplying content Trust No One
Bootcamp Incinerator Planning Consultants Watching you
Caught in the Crossfire Larry Niven diving Project Venice Weefle Tech(nologies)
CIBC Life in the Fast Lane Rescheduler Deck  X-Files
Classic Cinemas Technologies Long-term investments
Revised/Corporation/Tag 'n' Bag
A Really Killer Corp Deck Deal with PurgeTech(tm) Militech, Inc T & B
Burnt Flesh Kill 'em Before Card Limits Go Into Effect Release the Hound Tag'n'Die
Come and get it! Legend of the Burning Sands Second Turn Kill Tag'n'Slag Mk II
Crossfire Manhunt ShadoeCorp Tag'n'Slag
Revised/Corporation/The World would swing if I were king
Conquer the World The World Would Swing If I Were King 1 The World Would Swing If I Were King 2
Revised/Corporation/Turn-One Agenda
Turn-One Colonel Turn-One War Make II Turn-One War
Revised/Corporation/Viral Breeding Ground
Anti-Clown Usual Virus Viral Breeding Ground Viral Scheme
Revised/Runner/Bad Publicity
A Rabbit's Retaliation Arasaka Owns You Ritual Unbiased Media Abuse The Price of Power
Arasaka Owns You, make II
Interrupted Vision
Bozomatic V1.2 Fast Clowns PsychTherapy Viral Clownline
Bozomatic Happy Smiling Programs The Bozomatic Stack make 2 Weefle Circus
Clown Parade
50 Organs I've got a Girlfriend Le Nerf de la Guerre Rent-I-Con
Donors Wanted Jack of all trades Lucy is in the sky The Runner Connections
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Jack'n'Score Mechanical Man Viral Vice
Good friends in Berlin Johnson's Baby Shampoo
Grave Digging Gypsy Mole The Gypsy
Revised/Runner/HQ Attack
An exuberant apprentice , make II Destroyer ER Tax MAX
An exuberant apprentice Drugs and viruses, make II Rompin' Around The Bankruptor
Brute Force Oppression Drugs and viruses Tax lock The Taxman
Revised/Runner/Ice Destruction
Ice Destruction
Journalism - Live from the front!
Revised/Runner/Masochism rules
Big Hurt, make II Masochism Rules The Big Hit The Big Hurt
Revised/Runner/Preying Mantis - Poisoned Water Supply
Preying Mantis Poisoned Water Supply Water salesman
Revised/Runner/R&D Attack
Achillies's Deck Michael Miliken Memorial SNAFU The Efficient deck
Better Living through Chemistry Purity Control Stealth in a box The Frequent Flyer Program
Big is beautiful Quick dig Surprises, surprises The Tax Shelter
It's Who You Know Rent a Box The Chemist Top Runner's Conference Deck v2.3
Journée Portes Ouvertes
Revised/Runner/Special schemes
A bottomless pit Hit-and-run raid Pay Interest! The Infamous Drip Deck
Big Boostergang Information is power Rache Bartmoss' Personal Deck The Monster
Boostergang - No Access Inquiring Minds Want to Know Sevens, Mark II The Runner's Connections 2
Boostergang - Pirate Broadcast Journey into Adventure Sevens Trainspotting
Broadcasting viruses Lemmings from Hell 3 Show Me the Money Trash and Bribe
Control Freak My first Loans The Blackhander Widowmaker
End of days Mysteries unravelled The ChaoslordBSO Deck Your choice
Hacking on a Budget Pants down
Revised/Runner/Tag Me
Come 'n get me! - Maximum self exposure Let's Burn Something M'sieur, il m'a Frappé
Revised/Runner/The Short Stack
The Short Stack Mark 2
Revised/Runner/Turn-One Attack
Turn One Wreck
Tournament Decks
French Nationals Tournament Corp Tournament Corp Deck Tournament Runner Deck
Tournament Decks/Corp Shuffle 2000
CS 00 Corp Geulen CS 00 Corp Kreutzer CS 00 Runner Geulen CS 00 Runner Kreutzer
CS 00 Corp Janssen CS 00 Corp Mescam CS 00 Runner Janssen CS 00 Runner Mescam
CS 00 Corp Jeurink CS 00 Corp Roerden CS 00 Runner Jeurink CS 00 Runner Roerden
CS 00 Corp Kautzsch CS 00 Corp Schneider CS 00 Runner Kautzsch CS 00 Runner Schneider
Tournament Decks/European Championships 2000
EC 00 Corp Crins EC 00 Corp Kautzsch EC 00 Runner Delcourt EC 00 Runner Kautzsch
EC 00 Corp Delcourt EC 00 Corp Mescam EC 00 Runner Estournet EC 00 Runner Mescam
EC 00 Corp Estournet EC 00 Corp Mourjan EC 00 Runner Garnier EC 00 Runner Mourjan
EC 00 Corp Garnier EC 00 Corp Nock EC 00 Runner Geysels EC 00 Runner Nock
EC 00 Corp Geysels EC 00 Corp Schediwy EC 00 Runner Jeudon EC 00 Runner Schediwy
EC 00 Corp Jeudon EC 00 Corp Toupart EC 00 Runner Jeurink EC 00 Runner Toupart
EC 00 Corp Jeurink EC 00 Runner Crins
Tournament Decks/French Open 2002
Panzer Division The Best Things Are Free
Tournament Decks/French Tournament
French Tournament Corp Deck French Tournament Runner Deck
Tournament Decks/German Nationals 1999
GN 99 Corp Borchers GN 99 Corp Neuzling GN 99 Runner Borchers GN 99 Runner Neuzling
GN 99 Corp Dringautzki GN 99 Corp Quiter GN 99 Runner Dringautzki GN 99 Runner Quiter
GN 99 Corp Filary GN 99 Corp Regner GN 99 Runner Filary GN 99 Runner Regner
GN 99 Corp Hofmann GN 99 Corp Rörden GN 99 Runner Hofmann GN 99 Runner Rörden
GN 99 Corp Janssen GN 99 Corp Schediwy GN 99 Runner Janssen GN 99 Runner Schediwy
GN 99 Corp Kautzsch GN 99 Corp Schmidt GN 99 Runner Kautzsch GN 99 Runner Schmidt
GN 99 Corp Kootz GN 99 Corp Schneider GN 99 Runner Kootz GN 99 Runner Schneider
GN 99 Corp Kreutzer GN 99 Corp Sörensen GN 99 Runner Kreutzer GN 99 Runner Sörensen
Tournament Decks/German Nationals 2000
GN 00 Corp Bogdan GN 00 Corp Nock GN 00 Runner Bogdan GN 00 Runner Nock
GN 00 Corp Fritzer GN 00 Corp Schediwy GN 00 Runner Fritzer GN 00 Runner Schediwy
GN 00 Corp Gschlößl GN 00 Corp Schmidt GN 00 Runner Gschlößl GN 00 Runner Schmidt
GN 00 Corp Janssen GN 00 Corp Sütterlin GN 00 Runner Janssen GN 00 Runner Sütterlin
GN 00 Corp Leimbach GN 00 Corp Ulrich GN 00 Runner Leimbach GN 00 Runner Ulrich
GN 00 Corp Müller GN 00 Corp Wagner GN 00 Runner Müller GN 00 Runner Wagner
Tournament Decks/South German Regionals 1999
SGR 99 Corp Geulen SGR 99 Corp Kautzsch SGR 99 Runner Geulen SGR 99 Runner Kautzsch
SGR 99 Corp Janssen SGR 99 Corp Schediwy SGR 99 Runner Janssen SGR 99 Runner Schediwy
Tournament Decks/World Championships 2001/Round 1
WD 01 Corp Bailey WD 01 Corp Harvey WD 01 Runner Bailey WD 01 Runner Harvey
WD 01 Corp Bartholow WD 01 Corp Janssen WD 01 Runner Bartholow WD 01 Runner Janssen
WD 01 Corp Cripe WD 01 Corp Kreutzer WD 01 Runner Cripe WD 01 Runner Kreutzer
WD 01 Corp Dickie WD 01 Corp Roerden WD 01 Runner Dickie WD 01 Runner Roerden
Tournament Decks/World Championships 2001/Round 2
WD 01 Corp Bailey WD 01 Corp Harvey WD 01 Runner Bailey WD 01 Runner Harvey
WD 01 Corp Bartholow WD 01 Corp Janssen WD 01 Runner Bartholow WD 01 Runner Janssen
WD 01 Corp Cripe WD 01 Corp Kreutzer WD 01 Runner Cripe WD 01 Runner Kreutzer
WD 01 Corp Dickie WD 01 Corp Roerden WD 01 Runner Dickie WD 01 Runner Roerden
Tournament Decks/World Championships 2001/Round 3
WD 01 Corp Bailey WD 01 Corp Harvey WD 01 Runner Bailey WD 01 Runner Harvey
WD 01 Corp Bartholow WD 01 Corp Janssen WD 01 Runner Bartholow WD 01 Runner Janssen
WD 01 Corp Cripe WD 01 Corp Kreutzer WD 01 Runner Cripe WD 01 Runner Kreutzer
WD 01 Corp Dickie WD 01 Corp Roerden WD 01 Runner Dickie WD 01 Runner Roerden
Tournament Decks/World Domination 2011
WD 2011 Corp Bastien D WD 2011 Runner Bastien D
Sound of Siren Super Employment UK Corp by B2BAlive
Doo da drine Mystery box deck UK deck by B2BAlive Uk deck by iniquity
Unrevised 1in15/Corporation/Psycho Tycho
Psycho Frenchie
Unrevised 1in15/Corporation/Special schemes
Banana State Corp Cheap Bag o' Tricks
Unrevised 1in15/Corporation/Tag 'n' Bag
Unrevised 1in15/Runner
HQ Restructuring
Unrevised/Corporation/Fast advancement
Basic Speed Corp Couer-du-Bois Deck v1.0
Unrevised/Corporation/Greyhound demolition derby
Greyhound Demolition Derby Tag'n'Schlaghund Tycho Tag'n'Bag
Unrevised/Corporation/Infinite Loop
Paradox, Inc The Never-Ending Turn
Unrevised/Corporation/Nasty Code Gate
The Nasty Code Gate Deck
Unrevised/Corporation/Newsgroup Taunting
Iceless Taunting
Unrevised/Corporation/Psycho Tycho
ACME Extensions Diverse Tycho Psycho Tycho Tycho Deck
Basic Psycho Tycho Fast Draw Super-Speed Tycho
Big, Big and Bad Rio Reiser Zero G Houes of Horrors
Unrevised/Corporation/Special schemes
Big Button Dr. Dreff Mardi Gras The Big Bluff
Dirty Harry FinePrint Random thoughts The Cleaning Woman
Unrevised/Corporation/Tag 'n' Bag
Anti-Precision Bribery Damage, Inc No Trace Tag'n'Bag Tag'n'Bag
Colony in Danger Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't
Baglady's Revenge So Happy Together
Unrevised/Runner/HQ Attack
Using the First Amendment Who Called this Meeting
Unrevised/Runner/PB TTC
Unrevised/Runner/R&D Attack
Big Dig Greed is Good Skivviss 2 Skivviss
Unrevised/Runner/Special schemes
All Programs Crash and Burn Mr. Mongo - The true form of masochism The Flu
Big Hurt Decker In A Box Pacificon Unnamed
Body'n'Score Krash & Burn Shop 'til You Dropp Vewy, Vewy, Quiet
Commons Only Runner
Anti Psycho Tycho TagMe-Scaldan What's Netrunner
Unrevised/Runner/The Short Stack
The Short Stack