Look, a distraction!

Your Mole
Dear Runner,
this is the roadmap for beginners. For a comprehensive overview click left on "Your mole" for the main page, for beginner's instructions keep on reading.

Stay in touch

The first advice to you is to join the Netrunner community on
Boardgamegeek and Facebook .

Feel free to ask questions after you have made an effort to find out by yourself.

For tutorial matches and scheduled online meetings, contact members on the above mentioned platforms.

Learn the fineprint

The next step is to read the rules and learn about some formats .

For advanced reading have a look on the main page.

Choose your programs

If you wish to play online, have a look here:
Netrunner Software, how to play online

Load your decks

The Netrunner deck taxonomy contains more than 500 decks which you can use as inspiration for your own ones.
You can also start by playing the Kit Bashing decks Corp A and Runner A .
As an exercise choose a pair of decks from the deck taxonomy and try to adapt their strategies if possible to the Kit Bashing Cores (see main page).

Run faster and keep running

Refine your play style by using new decks and strategies. Improve a deck that you like.