Comprehensive list of Netrunner web pages

  • Netrunner Regional and City Grids
  • Derezzed Grids
  • Grids removed from game
  • Netrunner webpages
  • Derezzed webpages
  • Webpages removed from game
  • Groups
  • Trading Sites
  • Reviews
  • Duelist Articles
  • Virtual Expansions
  • Reviews of VEs

  • Your Mole

  • Netrunner Regional and City Grids

  • The Chicago City Grid
  • The Greater Vancouver Regional District Grid
  • The Karlsruhe City Grid
  • The Köln City Grid
  • The Konstanz City Grid
  • The Liege City Grid
  • The Tübingen City Grid, Content Archives.

    Derezzed Grids

  • Overview of all former City Grids
  • The Antwerpen City Grid
  • The Bonn City Grid, Content Archives.
  • The Brussels City Grid
  • The Cincinnati City Grid
  • The Denver City Grid
  • The Durban City Grid, Content Archives.
  • The Eagle River City Grid, Content Archives.
  • The Floripa City Grid
  • The Fort Collins City Grid
  • The Kansas City Grid
  • The Keosauqua City Grid
  • The Kiel City Grid, Content Archives.
  • The Lausanne City Grid, Content Archives.
  • The Madison / Fox Cities Grids
  • The Madrid City Grid
  • The Melbourne City Grid
  • The München City Grid
  • The Mississipi Valley Region
  • The Montreal City Grid, Tolen Mar
  • The Ostelen City Grid
  • The Ottawa City Grid, The Black Sun
  • The Roanoke City Grid
  • The San Diego City Grid
  • The Sapporo City Grid
  • The South Germany TRC-Region, Content Archives.
  • The Sydney City Grid
  • The Tokyo City Grid, Content Archives.
  • The Trowbridge Proving Grounds
  • The Ventura City Grid, Content Archives.
  • The Würzburg City Grid
  • The Trencin City Grid
  • UK Central Data Fort

    Grids removed from game

    Aarhus City Grid,
    Aberdeen-SD City Grid,
    Berlin City Grid,
    Chesapeake CyberCorridor,
    Hampton Roads City Grid,
    Netrunner France,
    The Madison City Grid,
    The Paris City Grid,
    Toronto City Grid,

    Netrunner webpages

  • Apprentice Program to play online
  • Blog Fanatic: Me And Zvi And Netrunner Makes Three Article.
  • Euromarket Consortium, Content Archives.
  • Heise Kolumne "Was war. Was wird." Article.
  • Jörg Zuther's Data Wall 2.0, Link Archives.
  • Le blog Netrunner Blog.
  • Net Runner.
  • Netrunner Archive Japan, Content Archives.
  • Netrunner Central, Content Archives, including Top Runner's Quarterly.
  • NR-deckbuilder website, Content Archives.
  • Netrunner CCG on Youtube A few videos from Netrunner activities in 2012.
  • Netrunner online Active forum, deck and card data base.
  • Netrunner online, Content Archives.
  • Netrunner online Hub, Content Archives and Blog.
  • Netrunner Version Française French introduction, VE.
  • Ole's Netrunner Site, Content Archives.
  • Resources for TRC members TRC organizational instructions.
  • Rob's Netrunner Node Card data base.
  • Spider Murphy's SR Page Patch v1.2 for Apprentice v1.46.
  • The Little Bug Blog.
  • The Netrunner Weekly, Content Archives.
  • The Short Circuit, Content Archives.
  • The TRAP! Deck Archives.
  • Tokkon's Imports Deck Archives.
  • Top Runners Conference Formerly official Netrunner organization
  • Your Mole, Content Archives, Link Archives.

    Derezzed webpages

  • aiboon's Home Page, Content Archives.
  • Argi's Netrunner Krumz, Content Archives, VE.
  • Big Frackin' Guide Netrunner card and deck management.
  • Crystalkeep Netrunner Spoiler lists.
  • Fantasy Cards, VE.
  • Frisky's Corner Articles by Frisco del Rosario.
  • Horizon's Netrunner Page, Content Archives.
  • Jason's Netrunner Page, Content Archives.
  • Mandr's Netrunner Node, Content Archives.
  • Mark's Hole in the Web
  • Neal's Last Words Articles by the late Byron "Neal" Massey.
  • McKay's Netrunner Page
  • MoxCorp
  • NetNetrunner Applet to play online.
  • Netrunner Playful AI simulations.
  • Netrunner Central Resources Bank Wizards of the Coast.
  • Background.
  • Netwatch Operations Office
  • NetRunner - Runner Eyes Only
  • ReX's NetRunner archives
  • Runner's Net Former forum, Patch for MWS.
  • Silicon Saloon, Content Archives, VE.
  • Singapore's Netrunner Homepage, Content Archives.
  • Skip Pickle's Incredibly Complex Netrunner Site, Content Archives, VE.
  • Steve Guillerm's NetRunner Page, Content Archives.
  • Steve Fichette's Netrunner Page
  • The Net-Pendium
  • The Netrunner "Hotspot List" Locations.
  • The Temple Microcode Outlet, Content Archives.
  • Top Runners' Conference Webring
  • WorldDomination 2001/2002
  • Yogiland - Netrunner Central, Content Archives.

    Webpages removed from game

    Aaron Templin's Netrunner page
    Back Door to NR,
    Cameron Herzog's Netrunner page,
    Chris Patterson's Netrunner page, /
    David Azari's Netrunner page,
    David Mar's Netrunner page,
    Deej's Netrunner Messageboard,
    DM's Netrunner page,
    Floating Runner BBS,,
    turned to "Netwatch Operations Office", see there.
    John Lawitzke's Netrunner page,
    Jonathon Coombes' Netrunner page,
    Kalle Kataja's Netrunner page,
    Leonard Jaffe's Netrunner page,
    Mike Ferguson's Netrunner page,
    Netrunner Asylum,
    Netrunner Deckmaster,
    Netrunner Junkies Page,
    Netrunner Tribune,
    Netspace Central,
    NeurotoxiN's Homepage ,
    Nicolas Flasque's Netrunner Page,
    Rekko Nokkanen's Netrunner page,
    Roger Ramirez' Netrunner page,
    TLD: NetRunner Pages,
    Zack Weintraub's Netrunner page,


  • NetRunnerMasterHub
  • NetrunnerRnD
  • Netrunner Mailing list
  • Facebook group Netrunner
  • Yahoo group netrunnerfrance-liste

    Trading Sites

  • - classified as 'retired'


  • Wikipedia article on Netrunner
  • Mastering Netrunner at
  • Boardgamegeek
  • Rob Mortimer's Review on Boardgamegeek
  • BGG Admin's Review on Boardgamegeek
  • Eli Smith's Review on Boardgamegeek
  • Matt Tonks's Review on Boardgamegeek
  • Mike Siggins's Review on Game Cabinet
  • Brandon Brylawski's Review on Game Report
  • Michael Barnes' Review on Game Shark
  • Ajar's Review on Escapist's Magazine
  • Nathan Stout's Review on According to Whim Blog
  • Michael Barnes' Review on Fortressat
  • Holger Burbach on Netrunner (in German)
  • Science Fiction Weekly Review

    Duelist Articles

    Virtual Expansions

  • Open War, Corp by Emmanuel Estournet
  • Open War, Runner by Emmanuel Estournet
  • Deep Runs, Corp by Emmanuel Estournet
  • Deep Runs, Runner by Emmanuel Estournet
  • Cybertech, Corp by Emmanuel Estournet
  • Cybertech, Runner by Emmanuel Estournet
  • Netlinks, Corp by Emmanuel Estournet
  • Netlinks, Runner by Emmanuel Estournet
  • Hard Code, Corp by Emmanuel Estournet
  • Hard Code, Runner by Emmanuel Estournet
  • NetRunner Tron Card Set by Barbabouille
  • Chrysalid Matrix by Skipper Pickle
  • Dangerous Allies by Neal F. Guye
  • Dioscuri presented by Rabbi Small
  • New card ideas by Nathan Stout in NetRunnerMasterHub
  • NR Corpquakes, Episode 1 in NetRunnerMasterHub
  • Netrunner Master Hub by Loren Sides in NetRunnerMasterHub
  • Purple Stain by Fabian Fritzer
  • Speed Light by Frederic Garnier
  • Random Highlander by Frederic Garnier
  • Repeat Intrusion Patterns by Argi Flack
  • Some new cards by Erwin Wagner
  • Star Wars Cards by Kiran Patel, card images
  • Netrunner Unplugged by Jason Erdmann, Rob Konitzer, Eric Platel, and Drew Hope, (removed from game)
  • Winterdawn by The AI, Beats, Rabbi Small, Tinweasel and Whirlybird Gameboy

    Reviews on virtual expansions

  • Neal F. Guye on Chrysalid Matrix
  • Comments by Fabian Fritzer on Chrysalid Matrix and RIP