How to organize decks

  • Your Mole

  • The deck taxonomy consists of a tree with decks in a specfific text format.
    The tree structure is (card sets) / (format) / (player) / [theme]
    The deck format is listed below with an example.

    If you want to use decks in gccg you need to convert them with the converter program which is written in python ( It inserts a # symbol in front of all lines except for the deck list itself. The converter can recursively overwrite a directory structure.

    If you want to upload your content with subversion for all users you need to request a subversion upload account from tommi.ronkainen[at]

    First checkout the repository for changes and back up all data of gccg. Copy your content in the corresponding subversion directory structure after which you perform a "commit" to update the server.

    General deck file structure

    Name of title

    comma separated list of formats the deck is compatible with

    Deck author's name

    date when the deck was published, arbitrary formatting

    Deck list:
    number of copies followed by whitespace and the name of the card

    Whatever helps to understand the deck

    An Example

    Brute Force Oppression




    Deck list:
    7 Boostergang Connections
    11 Loan from Chiba
    11 Bodyweight Synthetic Blood
    2 Bartmoss Memorial Icebreaker
    2 Joan of Arc
    2 Viral Pipeline
    2 Valu-Pak Software Bundle
    4 Code Viral Cache
    4 Priority Wreck

    The recipe is Turn 1: Loan, Bodyweight, Boostergang, Valupak: Bartmoss, Joan, Viral Pipeline thereby making a full setup. Next turns consist in bankrupting the corp with Priority Wreck, preferably followed by eventually two Code Viral Cache. The lack of money and of subsequently of actions will brutally force the corp into a lock down until it cannot draw any cards and thereby losing.

    You can construct even more tuned decks with that idea or include different viruses. The deck evolved from a three breaker suite Big Frackin' Gun, Psychic Friend and Grub that took 6 actions to set up into a more streamlined and two actions faster version. This deck shows that speed is the name of the game.